Carmen Mirabal graduated with a Ph.D. in Telecommunications in California, has over 40 years in the communications industry, and is well known for the diverse facets of the media. Most recently as a university director, books writer and scriptwriter. She began at the age of 14 writing for a show business magazine. At 18 she became the sub-editor in chief of “El Imparcial” an important newspaper in Puerto Rico. She was the first woman to write about Latin music and the founder and editor of “Salsa Magazine”, a specialized publication of the ’70s music.

She started a books writing career with great success, she published “La Diva” and “Una Diva en Decadencia”, in this case, it reached its fifth edition, and the editorial requested another sequel novel, and she wrote “Intimidades de una Diva”. Carmen, later published “La ahijada de la muerte”, “La Lupe: La Leyenda”, “La Fania que Conocí”, “La Mujer del Presidente”, “Me enamoré de un scammer” and “Historia de Amor”, which is the last part of La Diva’s trilogy. She is the founder and president of the first Puerto Rican Ebook publishing company, Sin Papel y Sin (Without Paper or Ink). She is the President of Latin Diva Films, they are in pre-production of two movies. She has won many awards during her communication career. Recently received a distinction for her 40 years of trajectory as a journalist and writer by the House of Women in Mexico. In Puerto Rico the House of Representatives made the 6746 motion, celebrating her 40 years as a local and international professional and because of the example and contribution she was given to the Puerto Rican society.